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As CMO of Quext, John manages the Marketing team in brand development, product branding, advertising, content creation and research. From a background in telecommunication, John brings expertise to create and manage a dynamic marketing team.
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Introduce yourself. What is your role at Quext? 

As the marketing lead for Quext, I prefer to think of myself more as a coach. My key responsibilities are to create & communicate strategy,  remove roadblocks and work together with an incredibly agile marketing team to execute, reassess, and constantly improve upon the work we do. We are the storytellers, the champions of the brand, the voice of the customer, and ultimately responsible for creating a platform for sustainable & profitable growth. 


What is your background?

After graduating from Texas Tech University, I spent the majority of my career in North Carolina and Texas working in the telecommunications industry. While working for major brands, Charter Communications and Suddenlink, I was able to serve in numerous operations and marketing roles that included the development, planning and rollout of new products and services.


What do you see in the future for Quext?

Quext is highly unique in that the solutions were designed by operators, to meet the specific needs of operators and their customers. With that in mind, I think the future of Quext is a cohesive set of solutions, sharing a core platform and harmonious user experience, that simplify operations for multifamily teams while creating great value for their investments. It is this simplified solution, designed to be affordable and accessible to a broad range of properties, that will revolutionize proptech for operators and residents alike.


What are you excited about specifically for technology changing in the multifamily industry?

Having the privilege to also serve on the operator side of our business, I am able to witness the human side of the apartment industry. We have real people, from all walks of life, working and living in our communities. The availability of affordable and smart home solutions provides genuine opportunities for families to save money and provide essential infrastructure for online learning. Today’s solutions can and should be available to all residents and property construction types. That is what we are building, and that is exciting to me.


What is your favorite thing about working for Quext?

Nothing beats playing on a focused, nimble team. The kind of team the giants do not know or care enough about to fear. I thrive off of that dynamic. That is who Quext is and my favorite thing about playing on this team.


What is the last thing you binged on netflix?

Eight seasons of the Great British Baking Show. Now off to the Holiday editions. 

At Quext we have one focus: designing intuitive, easy to install, and powerful solutions that help build safer, happier apartment communities. In other words, we only build the kind of innovative technology that we would want to use in our own properties. Whether it’s property-wide wifi solutions, digital AI chatbots, integrative apartment websites, or cutting-edge IoT, Quext delivers innovative property management solutions that benefit everyone from investors to residents. If you’re interested in learning more about how Quext technologies can enhance your apartment community, contact us today.

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