Quext Digital Human

Meet your apartment’s new virtual leasing agent.

Artificial intelligence. Real customer service.

When it comes to helping current and potential apartment residents during business hours, your property’s front-line staff are total pros. But what about the other 15 hours of the day? With Quext Digital Human virtual human software, users get 24/7 access to the help and information they need from a digital employee that’s powered by the industry’s most advanced AI. Think this is just another chatbot? Get ready to have your mind blown.

What is Quext Digital Human?

Quext Digital Human is a fully autonomous, AI-driven virtual leasing agent personality that acts as an integral part of a property’s customer service experience. Powered by an advanced digital brain, this digital employee provides realistic, human-like customer service experiences both during and after business hours.

Face-to-Face Interactions

Chatbots are so 2016. Multifamily property management software has evolved. With Quext Digital Human, users can have a face-to-face conversation and interact with a hyper-realistic, fully animated CGI person through video chat.

24/7 Digital Consulting

Quext Digital Human is a form of virtual human software that can take users on virtual property tours, highlight community information, provide floor plans, and even walk users through the digital application and leasing processes.

Natural Conversations

With a conversationally driven personality, hundreds of catalogued responses, and unlimited custom conversation responses, each user is guaranteed to have a one-of-a-kind experience.

Your next employee is always up for a 168-hour work week.

What if one employee could serve 100 potential and current residents at once? With Quext Digital Human, they can.
Come see what this AI-driven virtual employee is made of.

Advanced Digital Brain

Quext Digital Human uses experiential learning to constantly accumulate data and continuously improve. Put simply, the more users that interact with Quext Digital Human, the smarter, more capable, and more “human” it becomes, and the better virtual leasing agent it serves as for your property.

Emotional Intelligence

The multifamily property management software of the future, Quext Digital Human can read, analyze, and respond to the emotions and facial expressions of a user, helping it deliver a more human-like conversation.

Personalized Experiences

The virtual assistant’s ability to learn from customer interactions helps it engage personally with each user and deliver unique experiences.

Data-Driven Insights

Quext Digital Human records, reads, and analyzes user feedback in real time, allowing it to learn and optimize its own performance- and making it one of the best apartment leasing tools for your property.

Feedback Collection

Quext Digital Human uses a complex algorithm to determine which interactions garner the most positive and negative responses. This feedback is then collected and translated into anonymous data.

Turning Data into Insights

By analyzing the data collected by Quext Digital Human, leasing agents and other staff members can further optimize the virtual leasing agent’s performance and even improve their own approaches to customer service.

Streamlined Processes

Quext Digital Human greatly reduces on-site staff’s workload by giving users 24/7 access to digital customer service support through virtual human software — no human time required.

Day-to-Day Support

Quext Digital Human can field most customer questions and requests, take users on virtual tours, and provide support where your actual human staff needs it most. This is the multifamily property management software that works overtime.

Get Time Back

Apartment staff can spend hours each week scheduling tours and gathering lead information. Now, team members can use that time to enhance the community and provide other, more valuable services.

Create a Customized Experience

Property managers can fully customize the Quext Digital Human experience for their users. The virtual assistant can be programmed as an apartment leasing tool to highlight a property’s most notable amenities, start conversations with important information, or even guide conversations to show users specific topics. As Quext Digital Human aggregates data and provides unique insights, these responses can be optimized for better results.
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Out of the box, Quext Digital Human can:
  • Take users on virtual tours
  • Answer questions about the property
  • Provide community information
  • Highlight a property’s amenities
  • Deliver contact information
  • And more

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