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Discover the first IoT solution specifically designed for the apartment industry.

This is multifamily IoT made simple.

When it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), nearly every technology on the market was designed for single-family homes, and it can be tough to retrofit that technology for apartments. That’s why we developed Quext IoT, the only home automation solution of its kind that’s specifically designed for the multifamily environment.

What is Quext IoT?

Quext IoT is a simple, cost-effective, and streamlined smart device management platform that lets residents control all their connected devices through one intuitive app. The result? A more functional, energy-efficient, connected living space that skyrockets value for residents and operators alike.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Quext IoT uses a patented thermostat with smart hub technology, an advanced LoRaWAN (LPWAN) network, and an intuitive, cloud-based interface to deliver the most innovative multifamily IoT solution on the market.

Increased Property Value

By making a high-end technology accessible for every resident, Quext IoT adds significant appeal to your property and instantly enhances your property’s value.

Advanced Security

When it comes to IoT, property management should feel confident in providing a safe environment for their residents. That’s why Quext IoT uses advanced end-to-end encryption to ensure the data integrity and peace-of-mind of all residents.

Simple Installation

With one gateway controlling all systems, Quext IoT thermostats and door locks can be easily installed by maintenance staff without the need for specially trained technical support.

Total Control

The Quext IoT app was designed to offer a seamless, intuitive user experience, making it easy for every resident to control their thermostat, door locks, and more — right from their mobile device.

IoT for Everyone

Quext IoT takes a different approach to one of this century’s most influential technologies, making home automation accessible and affordable for all property types for the very first time.

This is where the magic happens.

With three leading-edge technologies working in concert,
Quext IoT is home automation like you’ve never seen it before.

The Quext IoT Thermostat

The secret to Quext IoT lies in our patented thermostat with smart hub technology. Each resident’s sleek, modern thermostat acts as a LoRaWAN (LPWAN) hub, allowing them to control all their smart technologies remotely.

Seamless Compatibility

Quext IoT thermostats are compatible with a broad range of devices that connect via Bluetooth, Zwave, and Zigbee.

Smart Hub Technology

Our thermostat’s smart hub technology eliminates the need for additional equipment, lowering costs for the property and simplifying residents’ lives.

LoRaWAN (LPWAN) Network Technology

Instead of WiFi, Quext IoT thermostats run on LoRaWAN (LPWAN) network technology. Each property will receive one Quext IoT Gateway, which communicates with every thermostat. This ensures that all devices are on the same network, providing complete connectivity across the property’s entire footprint.

Extended Range

LoRaWAN (LPWAN) has the ability to extend much further than WiFi without taxing the network, increasing reliability across the property’s footprint.


Simple Installation

Since Quext IoT thermostats run on LoraWAN (LPWAN), they can be quickly and easily installed by maintenance — just like a normal thermostat. No IT team required.

Intuitive, Cloud-Based App

The Quext IoT app streamlines smart device control by giving residents simple access to their technology settings through one intuitive platform. With a user-friendly interface, the Quext IoT app makes it easy for every resident to manage their device settings — regardless of their technical knowledge.

User-Friendly Design

The Quext IoT app was designed to be simple, approachable, and helpful for every resident.

Simple Setup

Upon move-in, residents simply download the app and use their provided login to get started.

This is the power of control.

Save on Energy

IoT makes it easy for residents to save on their utility bills by adopting energy-efficient practices to significantly reduce their energy consumption.

Get Peace of Mind

With Quext IoT, residents don’t have to worry about remembering to set their thermostat to an energy-efficient setting on the way out. They can adjust their home’s temperature from anywhere with just a few taps.

Maintenance Calls

After-hours calls to maintenance employees can be expensive. Quext IoT helps reduce the number of lock-related calls by empowering residents to unlock their own door with their mobile device.

Manage Vacant Units
with Ease

With Quext IoT, operators can see significant time and cost savings by easily managing lock access to multiple units and bulk-editing temperature settings for energy efficiency.

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