Quext Property Management

This is the first all-in-one property management platform designed by operators, for operators.

We’ve made property management brilliantly simple.

At Quext, we understand the needs of apartment operators better than anyone — because we were operators. That’s why we set out to develop a fully integrated, people-centric property management platform that’s simple to learn, easy to use, and capable of meeting the needs of both corporate teams and front-line staff. This is Quext Property Management (PM).

What is Quext PM?

Quext PM is a fully automated, all-in-one property management platform designed to streamline a property’s processes and simplify day-to-day tasks for employees of all types. With lease management tools, a full accounting suite, and a robust property management dashboard, everything you need is right where you need it.

Intuitive Interface

The Quext PM user interface was designed to be easy-to-use for all employees. Most tasks can be tackled with just a few simple clicks.

Real-Time Reporting

Quext PM automatically aggregates property data and presents analytics in a digestible format, making it easy to gain valuable insights.

User-Specific Dashboards

We created unique dashboards for each user type, that way employees only see the information that’s most relevant to their role.

Advanced Cybersecurity

A cloud-based platform is only as good as its security measures. Quext PM goes the extra mile to make sure all your property and resident data is safe.

Blockchain Technology

Quext PM uses advanced blockchain technology to ensure that personal information and fees are always secured in the accounting suite.

Mobile + Tablet Friendly

Quext PM’s mobile- and tablet-friendly user interface ensures that notifications are always accessible, helps reduce paper waste, and boosts reporting accuracy.

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Quext Integrations

We wouldn’t be Quext without offering loads of advanced integrations for Quext PM. When combined with our other products, Quext PM’s capabilities increase exponentially.
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Quext Resident Portal

With this integration, resident lease information, maintenance requests, billing, and payments are all automatically synced, tracked, and analyzed inside Quext PM.

Quext Connect

With Quext Connect, our property management platform can monitor technology performance, provide credentials to residents, and even proactively detect issues.

Quext IoT

When integrated with Quext IoT, our property management platform makes it easy to manage vacant units, provide vendor access, and distribute credentials to residents.

Quext Digital Human

Our AI-driven virtual employee can walk a user through the application or leasing process inside the Quext Resident portal. That information is then automatically uploaded and stored inside Quext PM.

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