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Hi, we're Quext

we make game-changing apartment technology

Come see how we developed the next generation of smart apartment technology
and get to know the folks who made it happen.

Our mission is simple

We’re here to help apartment owners and operators build better communities through technology. To do that, we’ve reimagined the latest and greatest tech to work seamlessly in multifamily environments. To make a long story short: We build products that help you create the kind of community where people will love to live, work, and play.


Who does Quext help?

Line  (Trick question! We help everyone.)  Line

Who does Quext help?

(Trick question! We help everyone.)



We understand the needs of multifamily property owners because our founders are owners. Our products help you increase ROI, improve efficiencies, and elevate the resident experience.



By automating busywork, streamlining lead generation, and simplifying property management, we give apartment operators everything they need to focus on people, not processes.



We help set your multifamily property apart by giving residents access to technologies that simplify their day-to-day lives and make spending time at your property time well spent.

How did Quext get started?

Quext began like most great ideas do —
with a simple conversation.

We noticed a big problem with apartment technology.

When a group of industry experts and multifamily property owners got together in 2017, someone asked a seemingly harmless question: “Why are we still using all this outdated technology?” No one had a good answer, and it was about that time that half a dozen lightbulbs went off.


That gave us a crazy idea.

After doing a little digging, we realized that better apartment technology didn’t exist yet. We knew that the secret to building better communities was better technology — things like home automation, property-wide WiFi, and AI — but no solution fit our needs. The next thing we knew, we were asking a new question: “Why don’t we do it ourselves?”


So, we decided to transform smart apartment technology ourselves.

Since we started Quext, our team has developed a full range of cutting-edge technologies specifically designed for the multifamily environment. Today, we’re delivering game-changing solutions to apartment communities across the country, and they all start the same way that Quext did — with a conversation.

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Meet the people behind the magic

When we set out to revamp the world of apartment technology, we knew we’d need a team of inventors, dreamers, technology wizards, and creative problem-solvers on our side. (Spoiler alert: We found them.)

Headshot for Dave Marcinkowski

Dave Marcinkowski


Headshot for Erin Franckhauser

Erin Franckhauser

Product Marketing Manager

Headshot for Thomas Mandry

Thomas Mandry


Headshot for Sohaiyla Reagan

Sohaiyla Reagan

Director of Product

Headshot for Rodney Cates

Rodney Cates


Headshot for Victoria McBride

Victoria McBride

Content & Training Manager

Headshot for Cade McNelly

Cade McNelly

Content Marketing Manager

Headshot for Melissa Giacalone

Melissa Giacalone

VP of National & Institutional Sales

Headshot for Shawn Massie

Shawn Massie


Headshot for Tessa Peshke

Tessa Peshke

VP of Customer Experience

Headshot for Omar Sandoval

Omar Sandoval

VP of Technical Operations

Headshot for Martin Taylor

Martin Taylor

EVP of Sales

Headshot for Brigitte Yeager

Brigitte Yeager

VP of Legal Affairs

Headshot for Tom Bres

Tom Bres

President & CEO

Headshot for Caghan Standlee

Caghan Standlee

Product Marketing Manager

Headshot for Brent Jameson

Brent Jameson


Headshot for Chris St. Clair

Chris St. Clair


Headshot for John McNelly

John McNelly


Headshot for Larry LaFreniere

Larry LaFreniere

VP of Broadband

Headshot for Tray Johnson

Tray Johnson


Headshot for Jeff Lansdell

Jeff Lansdell

VP of Operations

Headshot for Andrew Spangler

Andrew Spangler

General Counsel

Explore our suite of smart apartment products

Looking for the next addition to your team’s technology toolbelt? Have a look around and discover which Quext products are right for your multifamily community.

Ready to get started?  That makes two of us.

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