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4 Reasons Your Residents Deserve a Vacation–a Managed WiFi Vacation

Okay, so maybe not a true vacation, but a vacation from the long endured hardships from COVID, by adding an affordable managed WiFi solution at your property. What a compassionate and beneficial opportunity to address the needs that  COVID has caused and the financial strain the pandemic has put millions of people into. But that is exactly the reason a managed WiFi solution belongs in the personal, economic and community rebuilding process. Because everyone deserves technology.


1. 30%-50% Lower Cost than Retail Competitive Offers

Managed WiFi does one big thing for residents: lower the cost of their internet bill. This service adds an enormous amount of value to a property when you are able to offer an internet service for less money that performs with the same or better speeds and reliability. Considering 98% of your residents have between one & twenty online devices in their homes, according to a 2020 NMHC/Kinglsey Apartment Resident Preferences Report, they save even more on their mobile data plans. Plus, many managed WiFi solutions are also property-wide solutions where residents can move freely around the property and stay on a secure WiFi network. 


2. Enterprise Grade WiFi

Enterprise grade WiFi is not the same as having a cable modem. Solutions like Quext Connect have built a network that delivers higher, more consistent speeds and greater reliability everywhere on a property. In addition, Quext Connect’s enterprise grade network future-proofs properties by deploying fiber optic technology where the circuit is proactively monitored 24/7/365 and upgraded as the industry upgrades to meet bandwidth needs at no additional cost.


3. Fully Managed and Functional Upon Move In

Get the construction done first and let your residents reap the benefits. With a managed WiFi solution, there is no installation fee for residents, no credit checks or equipment to install which reduces service appointments, and the service is ready to use upon move in. It doesn’t get any easier than that. 


4. Lots of Benefits for the Operator

A managed WiFi solution also provides many benefits for the operator. First, it improves marketability. All of the benefits listed above for residents are big hitters to bring more, qualified prospects to your property. 92% of apartment dwellers in a pre-COVID national survey, listed high-speed WiFi as a top apartment amenity. These are table stakes. Second, it improves NOI and asset valuation. Adding a managed WiFi solution to your property is one of the best value add options available. Short term implementation, long term rewards. Last, it provides on-site staff access to a secure network across the community, where they can move around the property constantly on a secure network everywhere they go.


Want more info about Quext Connect? Check out the Quext Connect Product Page!