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Find WiFi Solutions for a Build to Rent Housing Community

At this point in time in the apartment world, it’s no doubt that WiFi is now the most important amenity to renters. The need for strong, reliable internet on a daily basis has brought a new level of demand from renters to property managers and owners. Work from home, school from home, gaming, streaming–without internet, individuals are much less connected and at a disadvantage to everyone around them.

This simple ideal should remain at the forefront of property owners when thinking through WiFi solutions for their apartments. 

But, as the industry continues to grow and transitions into new verticals different from traditional apartment setups, it’s important to consider how WiFi solutions can also transition to different verticals. In this case, the Build to Rent community. As we mentioned in last week’s blog about Smart Home automation in Build to Rent communities, Build to Rent communities are pretty self explanatory. Property management companies and various developers are investing resources into creating new single family or limited multi family home communities dedicated to being rented.

So, we will ask the question again…where does a managed WiFi solution come in?

Build to Rent communities share resemblances to different kinds of apartment communities, particularly garden style. With these apartment communities, property owners and residents rely on and thrive on managed WiFi solutions. These solutions add bulk pricing where residents can get high-speed internet at a fraction of the cost from getting internet on their own, the WiFi is set up the moment they move into their apartment, owners are increasing the value of their property and retaining residents by offering a move-in ready service.

With new build to rent communities, this same bulk, managed WiFi solution can be introduced at construction and yield all the same benefits as an apartment property. 

Managed WiFi in Build to Rent communities is a new conversation. If you have some questions about the potential of Quext Connect’s solution in a Build to Rent community, let us know and we would be happy to continue the conversation.