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Meet the Team: Angel Ramos, HR Specialist

Introduce yourself. What is your role at Quext?

Hi! I am the HR Specialist. I work alongside the Corporate staff and the on-site staff to initiate HR matters and communication.

What is your background?

I have been with Madera/Quext for 10 years. I started on property as Assistant Manger and the became a floater to other properties in my region. Four years ago, I was recruited to join Corporate as an HR Intern and worked my way up to HR Specialist. My goal is to grow into a leadership position within the HR team.

What is your favorite thing about working for Quext?

The community! Madera/Quext is my second family! The community we have speaks volumes to me! Also the growth and ability to think outside the box. We are encouraged to bring new ideas to the table. I am continually pulled out of my comfort zones to do things that I did not know I had the ability to do. And the team loves me through it, most days…

What was the last thing you binged on Netflix?

Heartland is my FAVORITE! And I search for all the feel good movies where the underdog works hard to turn things around!