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Meet the Team: Chelsea Anders, Digital Human Specialist

Introduce yourself. What is your role at Quext?

That’s a great question! My creative (read: one that we invented!) job title is Digital Human Specialist. Or maybe Digital Human Creator? Or heck, maybe today I’m a Digital Human/Hollywood scriptwriter. I picture myself somewhere in between Ally Sheedy in Short Circuit and Dolores in Westworld. But, seriously, I write everything our Digital Humans – Mia and Jordan – say to residents.

What is your background?

I’ve spent most of my corporate career in IT Support Roles: Software Quality, Release Management, Project Management, Vendor Management, Break Room Management (ha – jokes, but I do drink a lot of coffee at the office). In my small business life, I own a local media and event company explicitly geared for parents. In my volunteer life – which you all know that’s a job, too! – I’m a disability advocate and have learned that my title of “mom” gets me more important opportunities than a lot of those up top. 😉

What is your favorite thing about working for Quext?

The creative flexibility! I mean, when I started this job, Digital Humans were a thing of the distant future. I walked onto a team with a dream but needed to figure out how to make it work. It’s been a ton of late nights, more than a few confusing meetings, and pivot after pivot but look what we did! Seeing Mia and Jordan come to life has proved that I’m a much more giant nerd than you’d ever hear me admit! Also, whipping up a session with a Digital Human is an entertaining party trick that I use often!

What was the last thing you binged on Netflix?

I’m always in a perpetual state of binging Outlander because, Jamie, of course 😉 And Schitt’s Creek because those one-liners never get old. Now that I think about it, I sound like a serial re-binger. Lately, I’ve picked up ‘Working Moms’ because no one likes a joke about the challenging parts of momming as much as me (I love my kids, I do!).