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Quext Connect: You Might Want to Sit Down for this Next Part


The big players of the telecommunications industry have dominated every angle of providing internet and TV service to rental residents and homeowners for a long time. But, as more and more people rely-on and choose to live in small or large apartment complexes, why has the way rental residents receive this service stayed the same? 

With traditional, every-man-for-himself services, apartment residents are confined to only access WiFi within the walls of their unit, and lose access everywhere else on their home property. Residents can spend up to $250 on internet and TV services that reach to the boundaries of an average 934 sq.ft. apartment.

This is unacceptable.  



It’s time to reimagine your property’s telecom solution. Quext Connect is a high-speed WiFi solution built by multi-family operators, for multi-family operators. The platform delivers greater performance, increased property value, and better coverage for every resident by putting the power of telecom service management back in the hands of the operator.

Quext Connect provides a property wide network with reliable high-speed internet from a resident’s living room to the fitness center and more. The Connect solution was designed to be minimally invasive with a simple install prior to resident move-in. That means no more installation & service appointments, and no more dealing with the big telecom guys.

Beyond the WiFi itself, Quext Connect residents are able to control access, devices and usage from an intuitive management system, giving residents a simple way to manage things like streaming and gaming. 

Through the management web app, operators can easily manage residents’ telecom information and have an open eye to real-time analytics designed to provide management teams with the insights they need to deliver the ultimate resident experience. In the app, operators have full view over network transparency like WAP health and data usage, and proactive issue detection with Quext Connect technical support.

An illustration of a router covering a wide area of multifamily properties.



Having Quext Connect installed on your property means one thing for the operator…increased property value. By delivering one of the services residents need and expect most, you can maximize property asset value. For residents, internet services come at a fraction of the cost with more capabilities than before. 

Getting the best deal for your property is important. The Quext Connect team are also expert consultants and brokers to help you navigate complex telecom deals with other telecom companies like Spectrum and Xfinity. 

Quext Connect makes it easy to get the WiFi service you need to take your property to the next level.

Want more information on Quext Connect? Visit the Connect product page!