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IoT Retrofit for Carter-Haston
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How Upgrading an Existing IoT Solution to Quext IoT

benefitted one of the most awarded multifamily real estate companies in the country
IoT Retrofit for Carter-Haston
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How Upgrading an Existing IoT Solution to Quext IoT

benefitted one of the most awarded multifamily real estate companies in the country

Carter-Haston Company Profile

  • 100+ portfolio communities managed over 30 years
  • 21,000+ units under management
  • Specialize in multifamily real estate investment and management
  • Ranked among "best places to work" in multifamily
¹Calculated based on vacant unit averages in the full months before and after Quext IoT installations. Average usage fell from 308 to 229 kWh.


In January 2023, Carter-Haston set out to find a trusted partner who could update a portfolio property outfitted with a competing IoT solution that was quickly becoming outdated. The goal wasn't only to replace the existing smart apartment system, but also find a partner capable of delivering a regularly-updated solution to stay up-to-date in the years ahead.

Carter-Haston chose Quext IoT specifically because Quext offered:

  • A long-term partnership with the best possible value on a future-proof IoT solution at the most competitive price

  • Upgraded smart locks with improved life expectancy, dedicated support, and remote access controls to eliminate resident lockouts.

  • Seamless implementation experience to ensure a smooth onboarding process with a new system that would prevent any bottlenecking of property operations

  • Realpage PMS integration that allowed property staff to manage all devices with real-time remote controls and usage reporting via one holistic, centralized dashboard

  • Remote device management and common area access capabilities via mobile app

Locks to Love

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Quext IoT clients appreciate our industry-leading


of smart lock battery life

"We needed a partner who could deliver both an immediate solution and long-term value for our properties. Quext IoT allows us to stay at the forefront of multifamily technology with a trusted partner we can rely on to continue leading the way, and the most competitve value story in the industry. 

-- Chris Carter, Regional Vice President at Carter Haston

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In July 2023, Carter-Haston committed to Quext IoT and scheduled installation for September. In the months that followed, Quext led in-person training sessions for property staff to prepare for the transition, and completed a 4-day installation of 601 pieces of hardware that included:
  • 300 locks
  • 300 thermostats
  • 1 network gateway

The Quext Customer Success team used the longer lead time to fully prepare the on-site team for the new IoT system, and spent two additional days in person to conduct onboarding sessions and deliver a custom marketing toolkit to assist with the entire resident rollout.

At last, the property management team had access to a centralized, smarter platform with fewer failure points on an LPWAN network that would allow on-site teams to more efficiently manage devices across the community. Residents also gained access to a new suite of smart capabilities including:

  • Real-time remote device access
  • Scheduled entry and temperature scheduling
  • Visitor passes for secure entry


Quext IoT's patented hub-embedded thermostats can deliver thousands of dollars in energy savings, especially in vacant units. That's on top of our already industry-leading payback periods!

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In the months  following implementation, Quext IoT saw a tremendous reception from property staff and residents, who eagerly adopted the new smart locks and thermostats. In addition to introducing new smart capabilities, Quext IoT also enabled 26% reduction in energy usage and completely eliminated resident lockouts and related maintenance requests.

Following this transformation, Quext was named a preferred vendor of smart apartment technologies for Carter-Haston communities. 



Quext is the premier property technology innovator offering best-in-class smart solutions that maximize operational efficiency and profitability for multifamily operators and ownership groups. Quext's intelligent tech ecosystem facilitates operational excellence across property portfolios by fusing the best technologies and integrations with decades of proven industry success.