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A better approach to apartment internet solutions

Boost NOI, empower your team, and create more connected communities with the only property-wide WiFi solution purpose-built for apartments.

What is Quext Connect?

Quext Connect is a high-speed fiber network specifically designed for multifamily communities. With better coverage, ultra-reliable speeds, and simple installation, Quext Connect drives ROI for your property while giving residents WiFi access from the moment they move in. Our team of industry experts can even provide brokering support to help you get the best deal for your property (without all the headaches).


Property-wide WiFi
that helps you...

Boost Property Value

Boost property value

Instantly increase your property value with a cost-effective apartment internet solution designed to maximize NOI.

Attract + retain residents

Attract + retain residents

Empower residents to stream, game, work, and shop with the industry’s most powerful and accessible fiber network.

Simplify WiFi management

Simplify WiFi management

Get total transparency into your network’s performance, and streamline troubleshooting with a single point of contact.

Apartment WiFi so fast
it makes lightning blush.


Property-wide fiber network

From your property management office to the fitness center, our apartment internet solution delivers reliable high-speed WiFi to every corner of your community. With no upfront costs to residents, no credit checks, and no data caps, residents enjoy worry-free access to the connectivity they deserve from day one. Plus, Quext Connect empowers operators with the tools they need to help your community grow. We call that a win-win.

Simple installation

Our property-wide WiFi solution was designed with the resident experience in mind. Quext Connect is installed prior to move-in, giving residents everything they need to enjoy high-speed Internet from the get-go. And since equipment comes preinstalled, that means no disruptive installations, inconvenient service appointments, or costly network rebuilds.

Real-time monitoring

Quext Connect gives property management teams all the insights they need to deliver the ultimate resident experience. Operators can view key insights into WAP health, data consumption, and application usage at a macro level, delivering total visibility into your community’s network performance. And with proactive issue detection, property managers can get the support they need before problems arise.

We’ve reimagined WiFi for apartments

For owners

For operators

For residents

Boost NOI

Boost your asset value and increase ROI with a cost-effective WiFi solution that benefits your property and your residents.

Sign more leases

Make it easy for potential residents to choose your property by delivering the number one technology amenity on the market.

Get brokering support

Trust our industry experts to evaluate your community’s needs and identify the best possible WiFi solution for your property.

Get the right tools

Streamline efficiencies and empower your team to better serve your community with reliable connectivity across your entire property.

Enhance residents’ lives

Dramatically boost resident satisfaction with a cost-effective and ultra-reliable WiFi solution that makes staying connected easier than ever.

Streamline support

Get the troubleshooting and tech support you need with a single point of contact and no outrageous hold times (we promise).

Exceed expectations

Go above and beyond for your residents with a preinstalled WiFi solution that delivers reliable connectivity across your entire property.

Provide accessible WiFi

Eliminate the barriers to high-speed Internet access with no upfront costs, no credit checks, no unexpected fees, and no data caps.

Simplify troubleshooting

Make it easy for residents to get the WiFi support they need by eliminating long wait times and inconvenient service appointments.

Connect Trees

See how we’re rethinking apartment internet solutions

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Ready to get started with property-wide WiFi?

Get the high-speed network your residents and operators deserve with Quext Connect. Talk to our team today to learn more.


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