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This is IoT for apartments like you’ve never seen it before

Increase ROI, attract more residents, and take your multifamily property to the next level with game-changing home automation technology.

What is Quext IoT?

Quext IoT is a smart home technology solution purpose-built for multifamily communities. Featuring a patented LoRaWAN thermostat with embedded smarthub technology and best-in-class smart door locks, Quext IoT brings the best of home automation to your apartment community with 30% less hardware and 100% fewer headaches.

Smart apartment technology
to help you...


Increase property value

Instantly boost your NOI and increase your overall property value with a cost-effective solution to high-end technology.


Simplify property management

Remotely adjust vacant unit thermostats and credential unit and common area lock access from the comfort of your office.


Attract more residents

Give residents a true smart apartment experience, simplify their day-to-day tasks, and even help them save on energy.

How smart is our thermostat?
See for yourself.


Patented network technology

Instead of WiFi, Quext IoT thermostats run on LoRaWAN network technology. Each property just needs one gateway that communicates with every thermostat in the community. That means you get reliable connectivity across your entire property without taxing your WiFi network.

Embedded smarthub

Our cost-effective thermostats come with built-in LoRaWAN smarthubs. This lets them communicate with other smart devices without any extra equipment, and that means maintenance teams can install them just like a normal thermostat — no tech support required.

Intuitive cloud-based app

Whether they’re on the couch or in the office, our user-friendly platform makes it easy for residents to set their thermostats from anywhere. All they have to do to get started is download the app and sign in with their provided login. It’s that simple.

Keep Your Working Capital, Working.

Introducing FlexCapital

FlexCapital by Quext Financial is a simple, Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) leasing program allowing you to bundle your IoT hardware (locks, thermostats, sensors) along with Quext IoT’s management SaaS, customer support, multiyear warranty, and maintenance services, all in one affordable and convenient monthly payment. 

Keep your working capital, working. In Quext’s value-driven approach to democratize and scale smart apartment technology, we are knocking down barriers to ownership that have prevented so many owners and residents from the ever-increasing benefits of a smart home. The result is more properties taking advantage of functional, connected living spaces that provide added value to both residents and property owners alike.

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Quext IoT is changing the game

For owners

For operators

For residents

Increase ROI

Instantly boost your property value with one of the simplest, most cost-effective, and highly requested technology upgrades on the market.

Save more, get more

Quext IoT was purpose-built for apartment communities, and it requires 30% less hardware than other solutions.

Outshine the competition

Set your community apart from your competitors and bring more value to your residents and management team with one simple solution.

Save time

Remotely credential lock access and set thermostat conditions in multiple vacant units with just a few clicks using our intuitive management portal.

Retain residents

Turn renters into long-term residents by giving them access to game-changing home automation from the moment they move in.

Streamline maintenance

Simplify your support process with technology designed for easy installation and maintenance, plus a single point of contact if anything ever goes wrong.

Enjoy day-one control

Give residents total control of their new apartment’s smart thermostat and door lock before they’ve even finished unpacking.

Get peace of mind

Provide a worry-free solution that lets residents adjust their apartment’s temperature settings from anywhere, and gain access to their unit without the hassle of keys.

Save on energy

Give residents the tools they need to easily adopt energy-efficient habits and reduce their utility bills with just a few taps.

IoT Trees

“The ability to get rid of keys, provide unguided tours, and manage the heat and AC in vacant units provides a clear return on investment that has encouraged property owners to invest in these devices and services.”

Stacey Higginbotham, Stacey on IoT

See how IoT is transforming the apartment industry

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Ready to get started with IoT? That makes two of us.

Get the IoT tech you need to turn your multifamily property into a true smart apartment community. Talk to the Quext team today to get started.


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With products that work seamlessly together and all on their own, there’s a solution for every kind of community.

*Quext holds and maintains a portfolio of patents and trademarks, including U.S. Patent No. 10,825,273, No. 10,803,685, No. 11,189,118, No. 11,532,189, No. 11,538,294, No. 11,538,295, No. 11,538,296, and No. 11,562,607 and several pending patent applications relating to our Smart Thermostat Hub technology.