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3 Ways to Future Proof Your Leasing Process with a Digital Human

The apartment touring and leasing process has maintained similar processes for a very long time. Find an apartment online, look at photos, call and talk to a leasing agent to book a tour, show up in person to tour the apartment, then sign a lease. This process is great for the potential renter that has the flexibility to take time out of their day and tour several units and apartments before choosing. But, in today’s modern age, people have busier schedules, move from state to state and value having the accessibility to view a property and unit entirely without ever seeing it in person. So, how can you future proof your leasing process to meet the preferences of modern renters?

Digital human on your property website. 

Digital humans create a way for renters to view the entire property on the computer, take away the burden of leasing agents dealing with multiple phone calls to answer questions and book tours, and offer the full face simulation of an actual leasing agent. 

An illustration of two women viewing an apartment unit online.

Entire Online Property View

“Hi Mia, show me your 2 bedroom unit”.

Within a normal conversation, a digital human brings up all kinds of conversation points that match photos and videos presented on that specific topic. The potential renter is getting a full tour moving around the property all while sitting at their computer. 


Give Leasing Agents More Time

Beyond showing off every nook and cranny of your property, a digital human also creates much needed time for your leasing agent. The digital human answers all kinds of questions with your custom responses, shows off photos and videos of the property and books tours. So, what is left for leasing agents? Leasing agents are now left with plenty of time to focus on what is in front of them like in person tours and benefitting the current resident community. 


AI Driven Face

A digital person is not just a chatbot that a user types back and forth to. It offers a realistic face that users can have a real conversation with. The feeling of increased personality while viewing more than a text conversation generates warmth and confidence for the user speaking with the digital human. 

A digital human is the virtual leasing agent that future proofs your leasing process for all kinds of modern renters.


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