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Can You Interact with a Human, Without Interacting with a Human?

It’s time to embrace the fact that good customer service doesn’t have to involve a living, breathing person.

Millennials and Gen Z have been the targets of hundreds of think-pieces over the past few years. If the listicles are to be believed, anybody born after 1980 is entitled, antisocial, and/or afflicted with crippling anxiety. I’ll avoid discussing the first accusation and plead guilty to the third one.  As far as the second allegation goes, it’s time we accept that we’re all a little antisocial. If you’re an introvert or just an efficiency-minded person, interacting with a human isn’t mandatory. This is especially true when interacting with a company. Sometimes, it’s simpler to get information from a chatbot than a customer service agent.

Three phone screens showing a digital human and text icons with a laughing emoji, thumbs up emoji, and a smiley emoji.

Stereotypes aside, digital natives tend to be more comfortable interacting with chatbots and digital conversational agents. In the multifamily space, this presents an opportunity for operators to reach out to prospective renters without relying solely on leasing agents. But, multifamily chatbots also have their own set of challenges. Where a customer support chatbot should be designed to offer a solution in the quickest manner possible, a digital leasing agent should replicate the experience of a real conversation. Research shows that people who are more comfortable using chatbots tend to like when those chatbots show a little more personality. This is especially true when users aren’t in a rush, allowing them to enjoy the experience. 

Talking to a digital conversational agent instead of a real person takes some of the pressure off of a prospective renter. Potential customers can ask as many questions as they like, view unlimited floor plans, and explore amenities without the pressure of an in-person interaction. This lightens the workload of leasing agents, delivers higher-quality leads, and drives visits from serious prospects.


Quext’s Digital Human is tailor-made for multifamily operators. Our Digital Human isn’t just an alternative way to browse a property website — it’s a virtual employee who’s ready to work 24 hours a day. Hyper-realistic, bilingual avatars allow users to engage in natural conversation and receive an authentic customer service experience without ever leaving home.