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How to Use Quext IoT Thermostat

What is a smart thermostat?

First, let’s cover our bases. A non-smart thermostat is a regular old thermostat that has been in homes for decades. Walk up to the panel and manually control the temperature. Pretty simple.

A smart thermostat is unique for a number of reasons. First, there is more than just manual control. With smartphones, users have access to adjust temperature and heating/cooling through an app from another room in their house, or around the world. Second, users can create schedules for their homes. For example, a family in the middle of winter can schedule their thermostat to turn down the heat around the time they leave for work or school in the morning, and schedule it to turn back on an hour before they arrive back home in the evening. 

Beyond these unique functions, a smart thermostat gets its name from new kinds of technology. Technology that speaks back and forth to an app on your phone, and even technology that connects to a central hub to power an entire apartment complex.


Why a smart thermostat?

Smart thermostat’s offer lots of conveniences to home users. Functions like I mentioned before can make people’s lives just a little bit easier when balancing everything else in normal life. 

Beyond convenience, it continues to push the advancement of getting new technology into homes.

There are a lot more reasons and information out there about why switching to a smart thermostat can make a big difference for yourself and renters. Check out some more info here. Remember, not every smart thermostat has all the same features. 


What’s so special about Quext’s thermostat?

By now, you’ve seen several photos, videos and graphics depicting the unique outline and coloring of our Quext's IoT thermostat. It looks a bit different than several consumer smart thermostats on the market today, but that was very purposeful. First, we wanted it to be black. Black resembled the color of our main Quext logo and it’s a traditionally modern color not seen on the walls of a person’s house. Second, it needed a unique shape. This is not just any thermostat; it is technologically unique from any other thermostat on the market today, and the shape had to match. So, we went a little crazy. If you look side by side to the Quext logo, you can tell the resemblance of our “q”. Pretty cool, eh?

A depiction of a Quext IoT thermostat and an illustration of a Quext IoT thermostat.

Next, let’s talk about function. The whole purpose and usage behind Quext’s products is one. One easy place to access as much as you need all together. This is the same in how we designed our thermostat with one dynamic button. Just like the “Bop It” we used as kids, you can bop it and twist it. Maneuver from “Auto” to “heat” and set your temp with a very comfortable twist.

We’ve covered the design so finally let’s jump into the How To. One dynamic button may seem confusing on the surface, but it’s easy. Trust me.

Watch here to get a hands-on tutorial about how to use this thermostat brilliantly easy.