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What do Simple and Predictable Forms of Communication Mean to Residents?

Short answer: everything.

A resident’s or prospective resident’s user experience can be the most important thing for operators and property managers to focus on at their property. And within that user experience, communication, or presenting ample options for communication, is even more important. 

As the average age of renters continues to decrease with new Gen Z individuals entering the market, the demand for virtual communication has increased–especially on a mobile device. Around 80% of apartment website users use the website on a mobile device, and additionally 70% of apartment website users use a chatbot function on a mobile device. 

A group of residents communicating on their smart phones.

What forms of resident communication exist? 

There are three common forms of digital resident communication. First is website information. Properties put information about their property from available units, amenities, FAQ’s, photos and videos. This type of information helps prospective residents get a grasp on what an apartment property can look like and even function like. This is most important to individuals considering renting at your property. Every piece of information can be a check or an “x” on a prospective resident’s list.

Second is a chatbot or a digital human. In the past chatbots have presented limited functionality to current and prospective residents like creating a small supply of pre-written questions and answers. Chatbots and technology have evolved into digital humans, like we have here at Quext, and created opportunities for property operators to create an unlimited amount of responses to any number of questions. This tool had increasingly become more vital to a property’s operation with the continuous increase of a younger renter who prefers digital communication instead of in person.

One of the last forms of communication a property can have with residents is through a Resident Portal. Resident Portals are important for current residents to be able to communicate and resolve issues in and around their unit, pay rent and handfuls of other important tasks. 

A desktop monitor showing an instant messaging interface.

Why are these forms of communication so important to a user experience?

The reasons why presenting simple and predictable options for communication is so important is kind of an easy question. Every property has some sort of focus on creating exceptional customer service. These types of communication will always be a part of a solid customer service base. 

The other reason why these forms of communication are so important is because residents are demanding it. 

Resident’s are demanding that we speak with them?!?! DUH!

It’s a little more complex than that. Yes, resident’s will always expect there be some form of communication with the property, but in this instance it is the how that is most important. Residents and prospective residents want in-person and digital options to ask questions, see accurate representations of the property and view all tools needed to live at the property.  

No matter what operators are offering at their property, the number one demand from current and prospective residents will always be communication. Tools like these help those operators and property staff continue to grow as a well-oiled machine.