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Meet Digital Human, your apartment’s new virtual employee

Streamline lead generation, automate routine tasks, and augment your team with a digital leasing agent who’s happy to work a 168-hour workweek.

What is Quext Digital Human?

Quext Digital Human is a fully autonomous, AI-driven virtual leasing agent that delivers real-time online customer service through face-to-face video chat. Powered by an advanced digital brain, Digital Human provides round-the-clock customer support, automatically supplies your team with qualified leads, and empowers your property managers to focus on what matters.

An AI-driven employee
that helps you...

Automate lead generation

Automate lead generation

Schedule more tours and sign more leases with qualified leads delivered straight to your inbox.

Reduce workloads

Reduce workloads

Streamline efficiencies and minimize time spent answering routine customer service questions.

Deliver 24/7 support

Deliver 24/7 support

Let users explore your property after hours with virtual tours and one-of-a-kind customer service.

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Think Digital Human is just another chatbot?
Think again.


Advanced digital brain

Unlike your typical chatbot, Digital Human reads, analyzes, and responds to user’s emotions and facial expressions for more human-like conversation. By interacting with this fully animated CGI employee through video chat, users can go on virtual property tours, ask questions about your community, view floor plans, and even schedule in-person tours without a single click. Out of the box, Digital Human includes hundreds of catalogued responses, unlimited custom replies, and can even speak Spanish. Can a chatbot do that?

Sophisticated lead management

Digital Human provides day-to-day support for your property management team by fielding routine customer questions, automatically scheduling in-person tours, and keeping your sales funnel filled with high-quality leads. By minimizing time spent gathering leads and following up with prospects, your team can get hours back each week to focus on supporting your community and signing more leases.

Data-driven insights

By recording, reading, and analyzing user feedback in real-time, Digital Human gives your team access to a wealth of game-changing data. With full access to conversation logs and the emotional quotient of users, your property management team can tailor Digital Human’s responses to better serve potential residents and optimize your online customer service for lead generation. The insights from this data can also be leveraged to better train your staff for future conversations.

Customize your experience

Property managers can fully customize the Digital Human experience for their users. You can program Digital Human to start conversations with neighborhood information, highlight specific amenities, or even guide users to discover the amenities of your choice. Plus, with hundreds of stock replies and unlimited custom responses, Digital Human can be endlessly optimized to deliver the exact customer service experience you have in mind.

Out of the box,
Digital Human can:

  • Take users on virtual tours
  • Answer questions about your property
  • Provide community details
  • Highlight your property’s amenities
  • Show users floor plans
  • Schedule in-person tours
  • Pull up image galleries
  • Provide contact information

Don’t take our word for it.
Try it out for yourself!



The virtual employee for
every property type

With a quick 5–10-minute initial setup, a single user-friendly platform, and open API and integrations, Digital Human seamlessly plugs into your existing property management processes to take pressure off your actual human team. Oh, and did we mention that Digital Human is one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market? Because this virtual employee only costs a few dollars a day.


See how Digital Human is
transforming customer service

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Ready to hire your own Digital Human?

Trust us, this virtual employee is a real go-getter. Talk to our team today to streamline your lead generation and take your customer service experience to the next level.


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