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Best Apartment Amenities for the New Age of Work From Home

Boom! And just like that a little over 2 years ago work from home, WFH, hit the corporate workforce out of nowhere. Everyone went home to set up temporary workspaces with a laptop and maybe an extra monitor or two if you were lucky. Since then, employees have been adapting to this new normal mixing a much closer-knit version of working and living in the same space. 

WFH residents will spend much more time in their home than those who work in-office. According to the NMHC’s Resident Preference Report, in 2022 50% of renters work from home at least once a week. With that being said, comfort, WFH practicality and reliable internet are more important than ever before.

So, let's pose a question: How can owners and operators of apartment complexes attract and retain these remote workers? The answer is new-age apartment building amenities like reliable high-speed WiFi, dedicated workspaces throughout the apartment property, and even other smart home technology that mix home and work environment and bring it to life. Amenities for apartments that support the work-from-home lifestyle can make all of the difference when it comes to where renters will decide to call home. 

A desk in an apartment unit with a desktop monitor and a cat on top.

Take a look at a few of these examples of the best apartment amenities:

1. Apartment WiFi

While pants may be optional in a WFH scenario, a high-speed internet connection is not. The ability to work from home relies on access to a reliable Wi-Fi network. Providing residents with top-tier Wi-Fi is almost non-negotiable so that their ability to work is not compromised. Modern technology solutions now make it easier than ever to install a property-wide Wi-Fi signal that works to bring a secure and quick connection to each unit.

2.Distinct Work From Home Spaces

Home offices, built-in desks, or even small nooks built specifically for working are appealing to prospective WFH renters. Having a designated workspace available to tenants gives them a place to focus on their work, free of other distractions going on around the home. While some may prefer to work from their couch or bed, others prefer to keep their living and working spaces separate. 

3. Apartment Proximity to other spaces

A change of scenery during a break from work is a great way for renters to rejuvenate and refresh their minds before returning to work. When areas like lounges, coffee shops, gyms, and pet areas are close by, remote workers have the option to take a visit during a break or relocate their workspace for the day.

4.Smart Home Automation

Smart home devices bring ease to any renter, but may be especially useful for remote workers who have several other tasks at hand. Since these tenants spend the most time in their home, apartment building amenities like smart thermostats and locks that can be controlled through an app are all the more important. Automation makes life much easier for renters, and allows them to put all of their focus and energy toward their work. 


The game has changed where pools and gyms just don’t cut it anymore. People want modern online services that support their modern lifestyle. 


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