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Quext IoT: This is Where the Magic Happens.


To say the multi-family industry has been lacking in innovative, purpose-built smart technology is an understatement. Smart IoT technologies have been adapted from single-family use cases that are expensive to implement and do not meet the ideal needs of apartment residents. This leaves owners, operators, managers and residents with a tough choice between affordability and broad access.

Simply put, operators and residents deserve more.  

There are no existing technology solutions made from the ground up for multi-family housing, only expensive solutions retrofitted from single-family use cases. This is where Quext’s smart technology comes in. Based on data from Wakefield Research, 86% of millennials are more likely to pay more for an apartment with smart technology and 61% are more likely to rent an apartment with a smart access feature. Current and future renters demand more because they deserve more.



Quext IoT is a simple, cost effective smart device management platform made specifically for multi-family housing that lets residents and operators control all connected devices in one intuitive app.

Competitive IoT solutions are expensive, complex solutions that require nearly twice as much hardware as our Quext IoT solution. These solutions are retrofitted from single home solutions and an expensive, financial burden on property management companies.


An infographic map of the connection that Quext IoT uses to operate.


With Quext IoT, operators now have access to a solution specifically designed by operators that is the most cost effective multi-family IoT solution around. Experience cutting-edge technology, increased property value, advanced security, simple installation and total control all centered around the idea that IoT is for everyone.

This is where Quext's smart technology comes in.



Quext IoT thermostats run on LoRaWAN network technology, instead of WiFi. Each property receives a single Quext IoT gateway which communicates directly with every thermostat, providing uninterrupted and complete connectivity across a property’s entire footprint. Our custom, patented thermostat with smart hub technology acts as a LoRaWAN hub allowing residents and managers to control all their smart technologies remotely. This smart hub technology eliminates the need for unnecessary equipment, such as a proprietary hub in each unit which is required by most competitive solutions, and significantly lowers costs for the property. 


An infographic showing the different information communication trails used in Quext IoT.


The LoRaWAN network also has the ability to extend much further than traditional WiFi solutions, without taxing current networks. 

To top it off, all of Quext IoT is managed on a single intuitive, cloud based app. Residents and Management can access and control their equipment near or far with a user-friendly interface. There is no solution with an end-to-end experience like Quext. From IoT to Connect and Digital Human, we cover everything from back-end to resident-facing. 

Quext IoT is the power of control. Save money with less equipment, increase property value,  reduce maintenance calls and manage vacant units like never before.


For more information on IoT, visit the IoT product page!