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Unlock the Benefits of Apartment Access Control Systems

Access control systems can go a long way to addressing privacy and security as a priority for both apartment owners and residents. In single family homes, people have the freedom of personal security systems and other smart technology to enhance their home like door locks and thermostats. With apartment communities, controlling access around a property is completely different. There are residents who live in the community in need of access to various locations throughout the property. There are residents' guests that come and go throughout the day, and evening, and vendors may be moving throughout the property as well. The point is that it gets complicated and renters aren’t in charge of just their personal access. 

What is Apartment Building Access Control? 

Let’s start with the basics. What is apartment access control? Apartment building access control is a way to automate entry point access for authorized individuals around different entry points in an apartment community. As mentioned before, access control is installed as a way to ensure residents, guests, vendors and property staff are only allowed around an apartment community in areas where they are authorized to be. 

A resident unlocking their door with a key card.

How does apartment access control work? 

Apartment access control is usually installed in the form of hardware by doors. Different access control systems have options to grant entry into access points like:

-key pad

-key fob

-key card

-Cloud-based access

-Mobile access



Why property owners and managers should invest in apartment building access control.

The answer to this question goes right back into our original point of this blog. Security, confidence, ease of use. 

When apartments have access control installed on their property, it brings an additional level of security so the right people have access to the right areas within an apartment community. 

Apartment residents can have confidence that their community cares enough to keep their apartment feeling like a safe environment. And a confident, safe resident means a happy, long term resident. 

With an automated access control system, property staff can easily know that renters, guests, vendors and other staff are only able to access appropriate areas, without getting up from their chair.


This technology brings another level of efficient operations to an apartment community that also increases confidence in security. Your residents and property staff deserve tech like this.