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Create a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Apartment Communities with These Expert Tips

It seems that everything lately is digital. Digital this, digital that, digital workspaces, and digital humans. As an owner of a physical apartment property, how do you use the digital marketplace to your advantage? 

Let’s explore the realm of digital marketing and how it can help multifamily apartment operations.

What is Digital Marketing and Why Does it Matter for Apartment Rentals?

Digital marketing is the arm of marketing that reaches audiences on the internet or those using online-based technologies. 

If your goal is to increase signed and re-signed leases, how does digital marketing meet that need? Potential renters still want to take tours and browse available units just like they did 30 years ago. The only difference now is that they now have the technology to do these things from a computer or phone. 

With that comes an opportunity to reach prospective tenants like never before. Digital marketing is a perfect way to raise awareness of your property and push potential residents to take action in the apartment hunting process.

Developing a Strategic Digital Marketing Plan for Your Apartment Complex

The first part of building any sort of marketing campaign is to determine the message you are trying to communicate. Be specific! What is the main idea you are trying to convey? This builds the framework for each objective used in any great marketing plan. 

A target audience is another dire part of a digital marketing plan. Whom are you trying to communicate with? Think about groups that are or could be interested in your property. A strong and specific target audience helps direct communications efficiently.

Next, identify the channel(s) that will be used to reach your target audience. Think social media, marketing emails, search engine optimization (SEO), etc. There are a plethora of options, so explore different channels and see which avenue is best for your message to reach members of your target audience.

Four phone screens being held in a circle interacting with one another.

Harness the Power of Social Media to Attract New Tenants

Social media is a growing influence in almost every consumer’s life. The power that social media has in our society is invaluable. Social media brings an opportunity to promote your business through pictures, videos, and copy. 

Your brand’s pages on social media platforms are a great way to show off your property at no cost. Grow your following and measure engagement as you share content like news, events, stories, etc. You’ll find that with regular posting, your reach will widen over time, increasing your sphere of influence and attracting more residents.

Social media pages are also a way to translate your property’s personality and values through messaging and branding. Owning the media source gives businesses control of how they are portraying themselves online.

Keep your social pages fun and transparent, and let the user do the rest!

Utilize Paid Advertisements to communicate with your Target Audience

The internet comes with unlimited possibilities to push your brand’s content to consumers. Google, Meta, and countless others have paid advertisement capabilities. From SEO to social media ads, there are numerous options to reach any audience.

Digital ads are completely customizable and can be set around different parameters like demographics or interests. These ads run particular courses to ensure that you are getting the most exposure for your money spent. 

An added bonus to digital paid advertising is the analytics that is accessible from these programs. Monitoring impressions, engagement, clicks, and spend are all good practices for measuring the effectiveness of your paid ad campaigns. The key is to measure and evaluate before determining your next action. 

Experiment and have fun! The possibilities are endless.

Design and Build a Mobile-First Website

Your apartment’s website is the home base for all of your digital marketing efforts. A successful digital marketing strategy will bring new users to your property’s website. 

Some 91% of internet users are surfing the web on mobile devices. With that being said, build your website from a mobile-first standpoint. Rather than creating a desktop website and fitting it to fit a mobile-size screen, try building the UI/UX with a mobile user interface from the get-go. Your intentionality will go a long way when it comes to mobile site visits, and your website traffic will thank you.

Quext Websites is a tool that can help any property owner or manager build a dashing website with no web design experience required. You also have the ability to enhance your website with industry-leading integrations. Quext websites are designed to get you more signed leases and renewals from mobile and desktop users alike.