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Embracing the Cloud: Revolutionizing Access Control for Property Managers

If you really want to put your age into perspective, ask a kid about the 📞 symbol on the phone app. It’s strange to think about how the younger generations are unable to recognize an old-fashioned phone receiver and its connection to the phone app on a smart device. As weird as it is, it makes total sense because of the evolution of technology. When was the last time anyone had to use a wired phone receiver?

In the next few years, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the same thing happen to key and lock icons. With the rise of smart locks and mobile access control, keys will soon be obsolete - potentially leaving more and more people unable to recognize a physical key.

With technologies and connection protocols like LoRaWAN, WiFi, and Bluetooth, access management and unlocking doors can be done wirelessly, or in “the cloud” if you will. This ability is particularly helpful in the multifamily industry, where property staff deals with hundreds upon hundreds of keys and locks, and no resident or property employee wants to rummage through a mess of keys. Bottom line? Issuing keys and changing locks is out, and cloud-based action control is here to take its place!

What is Cloud-Based Access Control?

At its core, cloud-based access control connects physical door locks and other access points to the internet, or to an internet-connected device. The connection enables property management teams to manage access points remotely through a web or mobile application. It’s all about bringing technology to the forefront of property management innovation, and IoT is the driving force.

Streamlining Properties with Cloud Access Management

The key advantage of cloud-based access control is the streamlined management it offers. Property managers can now grant or revoke access to residents, guests, maintenance staff, and anyone else that may need it with the touch of a button! In the past, managing numerous keys and their locks could be quite the task, and the risk of lost or stolen keys was a standing concern.

With cloud access management, administrators have complete control over access throughout the entire building. This not only enhances security, it simplifies the entire process and eliminates the need for physical keys altogether.

 An illustration of a resident pressing a button on a giant smart phone.

Using Cloud-Based Apps Improves Resident Experience

For residents, the benefits of cloud-based access control are substantial. With smart phone applications, like the Quext IoT app, community members can unlock their doors, access amenities like the pool or the gym, and even grant temporary access to guests with the tap of a finger.

The Quext IoT app was designed with user-friendliness in mind, making it simple enough for any resident to use, no matter how technically-savvy they consider themselves. This makes for a headache-free entry experience, and satisfied renters.

What Cloud-Based Applications Can Offer

Enhancing Security with Cloud-Based Door Access Control

With traditional access control, the risk of keys being lost, stolen, or copied is a constant concern. Cloud-based door access control eliminates these risks. Lost your phone? No problem. Access can be quickly revoked and reinstated with a few clicks. This level of control significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized entry, safeguarding residents and property alike. Additionally, the access control management system comes with security features like access logs and real-time monitoring, providing property managers with insight into who could be accessing their properties unauthorized.

An All-in-One Solution: Quext's Multifamily Apartment Technology

At the forefront of this property management revolution is Quext IoT, an all-in-one smart apartment solution that combines the power of IoT, cloud-based access control, and smart property management features.

By implementing a solution like Quext IoT in your apartment community or student housing operation, you can stay ahead of the curve, attract more renters, and create a safe and connected living environment that's fit for the future. Fueled by the latest technology and connection protocols, Quext IoT optimizes cloud-based communication to ease operational hurdles for property staff. Don't get left behind in the era of smart property management—embrace the cloud and revolutionize access control with Quext IoT.

The future of property management lies in embracing the cloud and IoT. Cloud-based access control systems like Quext IoT offer numerous benefits, from enhanced security to improved resident experiences. These systems utilize a variety of technologies to create a streamlined and user-friendly environment that appeals to both property managers and residents.