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Increase Traffic to Your Apartment Community with These Proven Strategies

Increasing traffic to an apartment community, digitally or through foot traffic, is the number one way leasing staff can get a lease signed. Apartment leasing agents and property management teams are in the game of more than just talking about their top amenities, they use many different tactics to appeal to potential residents online and in print. Before we jump into some of these strategies, it’s important to know that these strategies are all complementary to a modern designed website with modern features for potential residents to navigate your website. Let’s jump into some of those strategies below.

Two users on a smart phone adjusting website elements.

Increase your traffic by generating leads online

Generating leads online is the number one source of traffic apartment communities receive from potential residents. Apartment marketing teams can reach potential residents in many ways online including website design with contact forms, social media channels, SEO, and even digital marketing. 

Create your own content strategy

Creating high-quality photo and video content for your website and social media is arguably the most important feature of your content strategy. Marketing teams can create strategies to draw as many people as possible to their website or social media, but if their apartment property is not shown with professional-level photos and video, then the leading strategy is worthless. 

Leverage SEO to Increase Traffic to Your Apartment website

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the gears in a machine, the elves building Christmas presents and every other comparison of some hidden dirty work that makes the broader strategy work the best that it can. SEO comes in the form of:

-Keyword research

-Using keywords in titles, descriptions, and content

-Mobile-friendly websites

-Consistent content schedules

-Up-to-date Google My Business

Build your audience using Social Media Platforms

The average renter age becomes younger and younger every day and those young renters use social media for everything. In today’s marketing strategy, social media channels can be the very first, and even most influential, touch that potential renters have with your apartment. Consistent posting schedules, content variety, popular in-app music, and Facebook and Instagram ads are all great ways to build a following.


An illustration of a website being built on a sheet of paper.Increase traffic by generating leads online

In modern marketing strategies, online practices definitely receive the most spend and the most attention. But, we can’t forget about offline marketing strategies through print and word of mouth. Many potential residents, especially those that are already local to the area can be valued leads spawning from local connections. Two of the most prominent media for offline marketing include sources like local media and outreach marketing. 

Engage Local Media Sources

Local media sources can reach a much more personal, niche audience in your local community. This is a marketer's chance to mix newspapers, magazines, local apartment associations, and more with the proximity of your community. Use the local knowledge to your advantage.

Utilize Outreach Marketing

People love events and people love free stuff. This is another chance for marketers to really utilize your local proximity to bring new potential residents to your community, and make current residents sign another lease. When residents and potential residents feel valued, then you know you’ve done your job. 

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