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IoT Solutions in a Build to Rent Housing Community

Smart home solutions in apartment communities are our bread and butter. With our new custom LoRaWAN solution, we have created a solution that maximizes the use of smart thermostats and locks, while minimizing the amount of hardware, cost to entry with a pretty slick design. Trust me, we could talk about our smart apartment solution for a long time…and we kind of have. 

Check out a few of our past blog’s on IoT talking about sustainability, different benefits, questions to ask when evaluating different solutions, and even a few how to’s!

A build to rent community pictured next to an IoT thermostat and lock.

So, let’s jump right to the chase. We know IoT smart apartment solutions can work exceptionally well in different kinds of apartment communities, but what about this new era of Build to Rent housing communities?

Build to Rent communities are pretty self explanatory. Property Management companies and various developers are investing resources into creating new single family home communities dedicated to being rented. 

So, where does technology come in? 

As you can imagine, a Build to Rent community shares some resemblance to a garden style apartment property. Several buildings, or in this case single homes, are spread out to some amount of area in a neighborhood. Each smart thermostat is able to communicate with a community gateway that is centrally located, then communicates with various other smart home technology. 

This new conversation on implementing smart home technology solutions in communities separate from apartments is a big deal! Not only are we seeing new applications where smart apartment solutions can continue to be used in new places, we are creating a new standard of expecting smart technology in all kinds of the rental housing market. 

Introducing smart apartment solutions in Build to Rent communities is a new conversation that we would love to keep talking about! Have some more questions about the potential of Quext IoT’s solution in a Build to Rent community? Let us know!