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The Best Smart Technology to Pilot at your Apartment Communities

Real talk: Trying something new, taking the plunge, diving in—it can be scary stuff! And for apartment community owners who want to increase your portfolio’s value, adding smart technologies to your communities is a great first step. However, deciding which provider to choose can be overwhelming. How do you get started without feeling the pressure to install new technologies on all of your communities? Quext has an answer for that! 


Piloting Quext Digital Human, IoT and Connect products on just a few of your communities is a great way to confirm that you feel comfortable and confident in Quext. You’ll also learn what’s important to you while assuring yourself and your team that Quext’s values match yours. When you pilot products with Quext, we’ll work together to create a customized pilot plan that works for your needs, the goals that you’re trying to achieve and your timeline—everything you need to help measure the success of the pilot for your communities.


Quext will work hard to create a partnership with you so that we can truly be an extension of your community. Because Quext was built by Owners and Operators, for Owners and Operators, we understand your technology and operational needs; And we want to provide you with those in a comfortable and seamless way. 


But what about owners who have already either talked to other providers or even rolled out products with a competitor? Quext would love to work with you, too! We at Quext differentiate ourselves from others because of our customer experience and support. We believe that we’re in this together! Owners who pilot with Quext will see that we’ll be involved as much or as little as you want, throughout the entire lifecycle of our relationship. As long as we’re working together, we can come up with a solution for your communities. And we want you to choose us because you’re able to see all of this! 


Now that you see why Quext is a great partner to pilot products with, let’s talk about what products you should consider piloting!

An illustration of a smart phone displaying a digital human. 


Quext Digital Human is a fully autonomous, AI-driven virtual leasing agent that delivers real-time online customer service through face-to-face video chat. Our Digital Human provides round-the-clock customer support, automatically supplies your team with qualified leads and empowers your community managers to focus on what matters.


The best part of piloting Quext Digital Human? It’s almost as simple as just turning it on! You’d simply need to add a small code-snippet into your website—no matter your website provider. That’s under 10 minutes of work for a lifetime of value! 


Once turned on, our Quext Digital Human automatically provides over 1,600 global responses that are ready to go—meaning prospective residents can have full conversations with the Digital Human from the start! From there, your staff can create unlimited custom responses to highlight your specific communities. Our Quext Digital Human is different from other chat bots because it’s intuitive enough so that any community staff can manage it for your community. And with our integrations with Google Maps and Great Schools, our Digital Human provides accurate answers to all of your residents’ questions. No need to worry about hiring specific teams.

An illustration of a Quext IoT thermostat.


Quext IoT is a smart home technology solution purpose-built for multifamily communities. Featuring a patented LoRaWAN thermostat that houses our smarthub technology, as well as best-in-class smart door lock with military-grade protection, Quext IoT brings the best of home automation to your communities with 30% less hardware. 


By piloting Quext IoT, you can see that we really provide all that we claim:

  • Time-saving community management website & apps (for both staff and residents)
  • True durability of our equipment & better reliability with LoRaWAN versus WiFi 
  • 3 easy-to-use types of keys - FOBs, Bluetooth and Virtual


For all of that, piloting Quext IoT is also a pricing steal! The cost is less not only on the front end capital, but also on recurring. And because our Quext solutions are designed to work in older and retro communities, you can rest assured that they’ll work in your other A+ and Core communities. Plus, installation is a breeze! We can do about 250 units a week, with our average in-and-out time being within 20 minutes, after which residents are online and operating our IoT solutions. That makes for minimum impact on your staff and residents. Truly low risk and high reward!

An illustration of a WiFi symbol surrounded by internet gadget icons.


Quext Connect is a high-speed fiber network specifically designed for multifamily communities. With better coverage, ultra-reliable speeds and simple installation, Quext Connect drives ROI for your property while giving WiFi access to your residents from the moment they move in. 


You might ask: “What if I’m currently in a contract with a provider?” Quext can help! Our team of industry experts will do something that almost no other internet provider will do—broker and negotiate on your behalf to telecom providers to provide bulk internet for all residents. We’ll review your contracts (whether new, old or expired) to see where and how we can get you a better deal; Even if that means looking at the contracts of multiple communities inside of your portfolio, Quext will do what we can to make sure you (and your residents!) are covered. Oftentimes, we can even see where we can help your current telecom provider benefit; Talk about a Win-Win-Win!


When piloting just 1 or 2 communities with Quext Connect, you’ll be able to see within your first year how quickly and easily your entire portfolio can benefit! For example: For a community with 250 units, Quext Connect can increase its value by $1.5-2 million! Now that’s what we call some Big Bucks!


Overall, piloting Quext products on just a few communities from your portfolio is not only easy, but also a great way to bring in prospective residents. Because tech packages sell, piloting two or even all three of these products on a few communities will allow you to quickly see what Quext can do for you and your portfolio. At Quext, we’ll always be by your side; So come on, let’s dive in together!