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Social Media & Communication

Social media is a powerful tool for apartment properties. For many current and potential residents, this is the main form of communication between things happening at a specific apartment property such as events, promotions, and lots of other marketing material. 

Leasing agents, property managers and social media managers all know the importance of marketing the fantastic amenities at properties like heated pools, state-of-the-art gyms, WFH centers, dogs parks…etc, but the key message we like to talk about at Quext is the importance of digital communication through property websites, chatbot digital humans and even social media. 

In the past, we have talked about the important points of communicating with residents and potential residents through a website with different photos, videos, floor plans, and descriptions. Although these pieces on the construction of a website are marketing material that all is a part of different messaging and content strategies, you are still communicating the priorities and values of the staff and community. Potential residents instantly get a feel for your property from the photos taken and the words written. From here, we move from high-level communication into a bit more specific communication. With digital human chatbots, apartment properties customize responses and add their photos, videos, floor plans and answers to common and specific questions all to create a personality that individuals can be attracted to.

Now, we move into even more specific communication with social media. Social media channels create a much more personal connection between the people posting and managing the account with the people viewing it. When properties get lucky with creative staff that takes pride in showing off their property in unique ways, potential residents get excited about communicating with people that love the places they work at. The purpose behind using social media to communicate with residents can go even further into promoting events at a property and in the neighboring communities. 

But how about the golden question(s). What social media platforms work the best for what type of communication. In 2021, people spent on average 2.5 hours on social media a day. In the apartment world, Instagram and Facebook have been dominant places to post and gain followers from residents and potential residents. Beyond that, Tik Tok has exploded with opportunities to create unique trending videos. In the past, the saying was always “content is king”. Over the past several years, that has transformed into “video is king”. As you diversify your social media profiles with photos and illustrations, remember that video will almost always be prioritized by the social algorithms. 

The most important thing here is that having a presence on social media will always be one of the most important forms of communication an apartment can have with residents and potential residents. Creating relational content that matches the personality of your community can be more persuasive than the amenities.