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A Guide to Smart Hubs for Apartment Buildings

As technology continues to evolve, the need for convenience, security, and efficiency plays a pivotal role in choosing the right solutions for an apartment community. At the core of most modern day solutions are smart hubs. So what exactly is a smart hub, how does it work within a smart apartment ecosystem, and how do you know which is best for your community? Let’s explore:

What is a Smart Hub for Apartments?

Defining the Smart Hub Concept

A smart hub serves as the core control center of an apartment building or units connected devices and systems. Hence the word “hub”, it ties all otherwise aggregated technologies together to work and function seamlessly for residents and property staff alike. From controlling thermostats and light switches to locks, community access, and beyond, Smart Hubs serve as the middleman to allow for complete automation and efficiency. 

Importance of Smart Hubs for Apartments

Smart hubs play a crucial role in creating and maintaining a streamlined and efficient community. For example, residents can control thermostat conditions and grant access to their unit remotely, and property staff can credential keys for vendors, control vacant units, and view lock battery life without leaving their office. These are just a few automations that not only are desirable for prospective residents, but streamline property operations and save time for property staff.

A smart hub, Quext IoT thermostat, connecting several devices across an apartment unit.

What Makes a Smart Hub Smart?

Exploring the Functionality of Smart Hubs

At the heart of every smart hub lies its hyper intelligent functionality. These hubs come equipped with the essential components that allow for seamless communication and integration with a large variety of devices and solutions. From home assistants and mobile apps to lights and locks, smart hubs allow for versatility and seamless connectivity.

Benefits for Apartment Owners

The benefits of integrating smart hubs within an apartment community are vast. By creating an interconnected system of devices and technologies, property staff remain well-armed and prepared for any outages, potential security hazards, and ongoing maintenance. Additionally, this smart technology reduces time spent manually doing processes like vendor management, lockouts, common access control, and more. From the resident perspective, it’s a huge added amenity in making their lives easier, with centralized control over all of their connected technology. For more information on the advantages of smart home automation in apartment communities that expand beyond just a smart hub, check out our blog The Advantages of Smart Home Automations in Multifamily Communities.

An IoT interface on a smartphone.

Choosing the Best Smart Hub

There are several factors to consider when choosing a smart hub for your apartment community. Scalability, adaptability, and compatibility are imperative to a seamless operation. Quext IoT smart hubs are embedded in our thermostats, and this patented technology drives hardware and cost efficiencies. Opting for a solution like Quext IoT ensures your property’s success without severely taxing upfront capital, by reducing the required amount of hardware by over 1/3rd. To learn more about the Quext IoT solution, and how you can have this technology implemented within your property within 45 days for $0 down, contact us today.