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Benefits of MDU Internet for Apartment Owners

What is MDU Internet?

MDU Internet, also known as “Multiple Dwelling Unit” Internet (among a laundry list of other similar names), is a popular amenity offered by apartment communities to residents. Typically, MDU Internet is deployed as a community-wide Wi-Fi solution, using several access points across a property’s footprint to enable a consistent wireless Internet connection spanning an entire community. 

Since many MDU operators already use managed WiFi to support property staff, it’s only natural that we frequently receive questions about the feasibility of expanding this network connectivity to residents. It’s a great question, so we figured it’s worth a quick blog post summarizing what you need to know about MDU Internet. You can also read about our managed Wi-Fi solution, Quext Connect, here.

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What are the types of MDU Internet?

Much like your typical single-access-point internet service commonly seen in single family housing settings, there are a handful of considerations around Internet types for MDU applications. We’ve come a long way since the days of dial-up, with Broadband and Fiber Optic being the most common connection types. While newer properties are often outfitted for Fiber Optic connections, most older properties utilize DSL or Cable, which are high-speed Broadband transmission technologies. These connections can operate with or without Wi-Fi, but enable you to implement wireless internet connectivity. Regardless of connection type, MDUs can be outfitted with access points that allow high-speed wireless connections without having to manually change networks due to range or bandwidth limitations. 


The Value MDU WiFi provides for apartment owners

I assume by now you’ve probably had enough of the geek speak. Let’s talk about what all of this actually means for apartment owners and operators. 

Often dubbed the “4th” or “5th” utility (depending on who you ask), reliable Internet access is non-negotiable for just about every renter in the country. So, much like other utilities, it’s no surprise that operators are commonly looking for reliable ways to bulk manage wireless internet for residents. MDU Internet simplifies operations for property management teams with a single secured connection, accessible anywhere on-site, all managed under one roof. Not only is it less invasive than hundreds of residents independently sourcing providers and third party installation crews, but it’s also significantly easier to manage and ensure staff and resident satisfaction. 

MDU Wi-Fi also helps give properties a competitive edge and can make your community more attractive to renters when comparing apartment complexes – attracting future tenants but also encouraging current resident renewals.

And if that weren’t enough, MDU Wi-Fi also makes a compelling case for boosting net operating income. Introducing an MDU Internet solution opens up new revenue streams for apartment owners, allowing management to assess a technology package fee. 

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The value MDU WiFi provides to residents

On the flip side, introducing MDU Wi-Fi also means significant benefits for residents. There’s nothing enjoyable about the annual burden of shopping local internet providers, negotiating service, waiting weeks or months for maintenance requests, or even having no internet connection upon move-in. With MDU Wi-Fi, Residents will no longer endure the headaches of poor ISP performance, shoddy coverage, unexpected outages, or customer service woes. 

Questions about MDU Wi-FI or managed Wi-Fi solutions? Look no further than our contact page. Or if you’re ready to upgrade your property and need help finding the right MDU Wi-Fi solution, we’d recommend checking out Quext Connect.