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3 Reasons Advanced Community WiFi is the Best WiFi For Multifamily

Last week we went through the evolution of WiFi solutions in apartments. From completely unmanaged retail solutions to a centralized solution, we eventually ended up at the most current bulk internet model for existing apartment properties: Advanced Community WiFi. 

Advanced Community WiFi, otherwise known as ACW, is a product of years of inefficient bulk WiFi solutions, specifically for existing/brown field apartment properties. In the past, newly installed WiFi solutions would require lots of construction, access into resident units, inaccurate timelines and competing WiFi signals from each different unit. ACW has simplified the installation process and created flexible options for both operators and residents through 3 key attributes: no construction, bulk capabilities, and service flexibility.

A group of residents attempting to connecting their devices to the internet.

1.No construction 

No construction is pretty self explanatory. ACW uses the existing set of wiring and structure that was previously installed on the property. Residents are also in charge of hooking up their own modem and router so service technicians don’t need to access. No construction and no unit access means this solution is much less intrusive to the resident, much lower install cost, and much shorter timeline from contract to completion.


2.Bulk Capabilities

The big benefit of ACW lies within the contract between the apartment and the service provider. With the ability to offer a very high quality WiFi service with updated technology like WiFi 6, residents are getting the best bang for their buck at a fraction of the cost from retail. For operators, a bulk solution is a chance to increase their property value with the most desirable amenity renters look for in an apartment. A bulk solution at a low price also means keeping renters around longer.

An illustration of different internet plans.


This is a big kicker for residents. With this bulk solution in place on a property, residents have the ability to upgrade their service on their own. More gaming and more streaming for whoever is at home. For both operators and residents, there is now a choice to offer just WiFi or both WiFi and video streaming to residents.

This new solution is a huge benefit to both operators and residents and opens many doors for future WiFi solutions in apartments. Want to learn more about WiFi and video streaming options at your apartment properties? Read through Quext Connect on our website!