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Quext Digital Human: Your Next Leasing Agent is Virtual & Always Up for a 168-hour Work Week


There has been an opportunity shift in the multi-family housing industry that is challenging prospective residents, staff and operators alike. As more and more people move into apartments, they see a chance for an improved community experience. Residents want community with the people they share an apartment property with and prospects expect white-glove service before they even talk to your leasing teams. It’s the staff personnel’s job to spearhead this community change. But, how are staff personnel supposed to handle an on-going large project on top of their regular duties? This is where virtual leasing agents or assistants come in and it started with chatbots. But, there is one problem with chatbots:

Chatbots are so 2016. (Among other things…)

A screenshot of the Quext Digital Human interface.



When it comes to helping current and potential residents during business hours, your property’s front line staff are total pros. But what about the other 15 hours of the day? With Quext Digital Human, users get 24/7 access to the help and information they need from a virtual leasing agent or assistant that is powered by the multifamily housing industry’s most advanced AI. 

Quext Digital Human offers the most advanced virtual personality that acts as an integral part of a property’s customer service experience. Experience face-to-face interactions with a hyper-realistic, fully animated CGI person through video and audio chat, 24/7 digital consulting and natural conversations compiled from hundreds of cataloged and unlimited custom responses. 

So, how about the conversation piece? With a conversational driven personality, operators are able to customize catalogued and self-input responses to generate realistic conversations with potential renters. Our Digital Humans also communicate in both Spanish and English. This is an incredibly important tool that offers bilingual services to make potentials renters already feel at home. 

Emotional Intelligence: Quext Digital Human can read, analyze, and respond to the emotions and facial expressions of a user, helping it deliver a more human-like conversation. | Personalized Experiences: The virtual assistant's ability to learn from customer  interactions helps it engage personally with each user and deliver unique experiences.



Quext Digital Human operates on an advanced digital brain that uses experiential learning to constantly accumulate data and continuously improve. The more the digital human interacts with users, the smarter, more capable it becomes. In addition, the digital human can read, analyze and respond to emotional and facial expressions of a user, all to help customize and improve a user’s experience. 

Quext Digital Human also works to gather data driven insights by recording, reading and analyzing user feedback in real time. By using a complex algorithm to determine which interactions garner the most positive and negative responses, anonymous user feedback turns into improved user experiences. The collected feedback can then be utilized by leasing agents and other leasing team or staff members to optimize and improve customer service and performance. 

Out of the box, Quext Digital Human can schedule in-person & virtual tours, answer questions about the property, provide community information, highlight all amenities, deliver contact information and more. With Quext Digital Human, your next employee is always up for a 168 hour work week.

All in all, Quext Digital Human greatly reduces on-site staff’s workload by giving users 24/7 digital access to customer service support. This is the power of an advanced virtual leasing assistant. The artificial intelligence produces real customer service that provides residents and potential residents with a personalized introduction to your property. Now, what to do with all that time? On-site staff can work to improve the community and take care of residents. It is a full circle where residents and operators work together to improve daily work and life.


Want more info on Quext Digital Human? Visit our Digital Human product page!


Article has been updated 10/20/21.