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Creating a Digital Human Identity for your Property: The Power of Personalization

All businesses are recognized by their logos and names. Whether it's a restaurant, store, or tech company…the public instantly associates the brand with its name and logo. This connection is formed through past experiences with the company or through visually appealing elements that convey the brand's purpose. Some companies have taken a step further by excluding their name from store-front signs, allowing the logo to speak for itself.  Take the golden arches of McDonalds for example, or Starbucks where on most store fronts they have taken off the name “Starbucks” from their signs. People recognize the logo and understand everything about it just from that. 

So, how does this fit into apartment properties? Apartment properties don’t always keep the same name forever. Once a new owner comes in, the name of the property can change along with the sign package, colors, design and theme of the property. 

But if the entire feel of the property changes periodically, how can you keep a consistent theme or persona for your property that residents and prospects can consistently recognize? 

How about giving your property a physical or digital identity, or more specifically, a Digital Human identity?

A computer screen with an A.I chatbot that represents Quext's Digital Human product, highlighting its role in providing digital identity solutions.

How Quext's Digital Human Solution Can Transform Your Property’s Identity

In our previous blog posts, we’ve discussed the functional and capability advantages of Digital Human’s chat assistance  over A.I. assistance chatbots. However, we have yet to touch on the relational aspect. Just like your on-site property staff, a Digital Human can also give your property an identity that is separate from your logo or name. Apart from the essential function of online chat assistance, a Digital Human brings two significant elements: personality and opportunity.

Personality of a Digital Human

No, I am not saying that your property staff does not have a good personality…I am more than sure they do. Think of it along the lines of a persona for your property. A helpful digital face that gives more information on the spot and around the clock, while telling a few jokes along the way. It is an entire extra branding tool that sits on your website knowing that it won’t make any mistakes.

Digital Human Opportunities

The opportunity the Digital Human brings to a property is two-fold. First, it brings the opportunity to free up your staff a little bit of time to work on face-to-face things in your community, while also having extra information about the property sitting on your website in a unique way. Second, it brings opportunity to potential renters by offering additional online servicing (in both English and Spanish). This part is huge. Not only can potential renters see much more of a property online before seeing it in person, they can also communicate in two languages!

All in all, the identity and persona a Digital Human can bring to your property is just that much extra benefit beyond the incredible functionality. Want to learn more about Quext’s Digital Human? Visit our website or get in touch!