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3 Advantages for Keyless Entry for Apartments

As growing demand for smarter apartment technologies continues to drive modern innovation and competition in the multifamily industry, one of the most sought after IoT solutions across communities nationwide is an apartment building keyless entry system. More specifically, a controlled-access entry system that enables secured access to common areas, apartments, and even individual rooms in multi-unit applications such as student housing. 

So what is keyless entry for apartment buildings? And why are more and more operators adopting this technology? 

An illustration of keys surrounded by a crossed circle, suggesting the concept of keyless entry

What is Keyless Entry for Apartment Buildings?

Picture a typical apartment community for a moment, and imagine you’re standing right out in front of it. Now let’s head inside. We might have to dial the leasing office on the call box to get in. But chances are, we’re walking through a handful of entry doors toward the leasing office. The office itself may have several offices inside. Beyond the walls of the leasing office are a variety of access doors to secure and common areas of the community, and of course an abundance of apartments.

That’s a lot of doors, and a great application for a keyless entry system. Keyless entry for apartment buildings is an ecosystem of electronic locks that control access to all of these areas in your community. With it, you can use key fobs, key pads, key cards, intercoms, smart or mobile devices to manage temporary or permanent access controls for each individual lock. This, of course, comes with many advantages. So let’s talk about them.

An illustration of a cloud connecting smart home devices on a multifamily community.

3 Advantages of Multifamily Keyless Entry

What are the key advantages of installing an apartment keyless entry door lock system? 

1. Keyless entry systems are a quick, convenient, and economical way to simplify community management.

That makes frustrating maintenance issues like lost keys, locksmith visits, and unit turnover key changes all inconveniences of the past. Simply stated, keyless entry systems eliminate the hassle that inevitably comes with managing and keeping track of an astronomical set of keys on bulky key rings. 

Adopting keyless entry and eliminating all those keys reduces potential losses and improves community security, too. And making the change doesn’t have to be difficult to do. Some keyless entry systems (and full IoT solutions – a shameless plug for Quext IoT) can even be retrofitted to outfit older properties.

2. Many door entry systems seamlessly integrate with cloud-based technologies and sync with other IoT devices.

This opens the door (pun very intended) to a whole host of devices and capabilities. For example, units can be equipped with multiple smart devices within an IoT ecosystem, allowing management teams to remotely control individual locks, thermostats, sensors, lights, and more. This would enable management teams to monitor and control vacant units, access to secure areas of the building, and even allow self-guided tours. We won’t dive into the magic of IoT in this article, but you can read about the unique capabilities of Quext IoT here.

3. Finally, keyless entry systems are a cost-efficient upgrade that provides an immediate lift in property value and resident appeal.

Keyless entry systems modernize and create value for an apartment community by boosting property values and increasing operational efficiencies. Lease staff, maintenance teams, and residents are all winners here.

An illustration of a line graph going up, representing a multifamily apartment complex increasing profitability through use of keyless entry and other smart technology.

Is Keyless Entry right for you?

So how do you know if a keyless entry system is right for your property? It’s important to consider the following questions:

1. Will a keyless entry system save time and alleviate frustrations for my leasing staff and maintenance teams?

2. Do I have the capacity to take on a simple upgrade to elevate my property value and appeal to renters?

3. Is my target demographic interested in more modern amenities, smart devices, and electronic convenience features? 

If you answered “yes” to these questions, then you’ll definitely want to look into a keyless entry door lock system for your property. Just be sure to consider whether your keyless entry system will be part of a more holistic IoT solution so you can plan accordingly!

Not sure where to start? We’d love to help.

To learn more about keyless entry systems for apartment buildings or how a keyless entry door lock system can work within an IoT solution like Quext IoT, contact us.