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How Smart Device Integrations Cater to Customers

If there’s one thing to be learned from Black Friday craze, it's that people love  smart devices, and they want to get them at an affordable price. As an apartment owner, imagine the rise in appeal you would drive if you made smart devices a standard offering for your renters. With smart apartment solutions like Quext IoT, you can bring BlackFriday-like bargains to your renters without the chaos. This cost-effective IoT solution uses smart device integration to create an ecosystem of technology in an apartment unit.

An IoT app interface on a smartphone.

What is Smart Device Integration?

Smart device integration for IoT is the technology that allows devices to communicate and function seamlessly within a single connected environment or space. This integration is used to make apartment living more convenient for renters by giving them the ability to control devices from a single app on their smartphone.

How a Smart Device Ecosystem Enhances Customer Experience

Residents want a nice place to live (of course), and the added luxury and convenience that an IoT system provides helps owners and property staff deliver on that. Renters have the ability to control the lights and thermostat on their phone, or even let themselves into their apartment without a key. These smart and connected capabilities may not only help meet resident expectations, but perhaps even exceed them.

An illustration of notifications advertising an apartment.

Optimizing Marketing Efforts with Smart Technology

Apartment Technology Packages Entice Customers

Amenities are one of the driving forces behind rental decisions. When apartment technology packages come standard in every unit, you are positioning your property as a forward-thinking choice for prospective residents. Showcase smart technology amenities and how they make life easier, and watch your appeal grow from there. Who wouldn’t want to live in a home that adapts to their lifestyle?

Leveraging Smart Device Integration for Marketing Campaigns

For those plugged into the multifamily industry, it’s known that the market is crowded. Standing out in the saturated market is key to keeping occupancy rates up and bringing in NOI. Smart home systems really provide that extra wow factor and create value drivers for potential marketing and advertising campaigns.

A resident in an apartment unit using a smartphone.

Implementing Smart Device Integration as Multifamily Operators

How a Smart Apartment Building Helps Resident Relations

The relationship between residents and operators can be enhanced through the integration of smart devices throughout an apartment unit. Cloud access control systems utilize an ecosystem of smart locks to quickly and effortlessly provide entry to any resident or guest, driving streamlined processes and increased satisfaction. Also, proactive maintenance alerts from leak detection sensors are great for property staff to be notified of situations before they escalate. In turn, these IoT systems create a connected and proactive relationship between both parties. 

Improving Occupancy and Resident Satisfaction with an Apartment Technology Package

Happy residents are those who re-sign leases. An apartment technology package is an ongoing source of resident satisfaction paired with a sense of luxury and techno-modernism. The day-to-day convenience and comfort drives renter loyalty and can pay big dividends. Your occupancy rate and bottom line will thank you.

Smart device integration is more than an apartment upgrade, it’s a strategic move to meet customer needs and make your property more appealing. Seasoned operators, ownership groups, and management teams are now realizing the significant  value of smarter, simpler IoT and how rewarding it can be for both resident satisfaction and a property’s bottom line. . 

Hop on the tech wave to redefine the resident experience and unlock your property’s potential. We're leading the charge helping property owners and operators take their communities to new heights, while opening up high-value revenue streams along the way.

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